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Fly Pattern Trading Cards - Set #2

This set of 50 collectible fly tying pattern trading cards features clear color photos, recipes, tying and presentation tips, historical information, and information about the natural insects imitated by these fly patterns. 

The cards are color coded based on the style of the fly (dry, wet, nymph, terrestrial, streamer).

Use the cards for reference when tying, or take them with you to the stream to help you "Match the Hatch". Used for reference when tying, these cards take up very little room on your tying bench - much less than a fly pattern book. The cards also have a water resistant coating.

The cards are an excellent gift for both the novice and the expert fly tier or fisherman.

Cards Included In Set #2
Dry Flies:Amy Special, Ausable Wulff, Beaverkill, Black Gnat, Blue Dun, Coachman, Compara Dun, Crackleback, Delaware Adams, Dorato Hare's Ear, Grizzly Riffle, Katterman, Lime Double Wing, Red Devil Bug, Royal Coachman, Royal Wulff, Thorax Callibaetis
Wet Flies:Alder, Chappie, Dark Hendrickson, Finch, Ginger Quill, Grizzly King, Leadwing Coachman, Light Cahill, Light Hendrickson, March Brown, Montreal, Quill Gordon, Trout Fin
Nymphs:Big Hole Demon, Black Biot Midge, Black Martinez, Brachycentrus Larva, Improved Hare's Ear, Montana Stone, Muskrat, Olive Scud
Streamers:Black Boss, Girdle Bugger, Gray Ghost, Muddler Minnow, Olive Matuka, Red and White, Reverse Tied Bucktail, Woolly Worm
Terrestrials:Deer Hair Beetle, Foam Beetle, Grub, Red Flying Ant

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